South Yorkshire Safer Roads Partnership
  04 Jan 2019
With cold weather in the forecast we are reminding drivers to take extra care on the roads and encouraging them to check their vehicles before starting a journey.As the weather changes and the nights draw in, the demands that are placed on your vehicle increase. For drivers, the lights go on, the he... More
  21 Dec 2018
Hockey won’t be the only thing lighting up the FlyDSA arena next week. As part of their annual Be Bright, Be Seen campaign South Yorkshire Safer Roads Partnership will be at the Sheffield Steelers vs Nottingham Panthers game on 27 December with plenty of free (yes, free!) accessories to help fans st... More
  14 Dec 2018
The year is drawing to a close and Christmas is just around the corner. It's the time of year when many of us will be having office parties, family reunions and nights down the pub with friends and colleagues. It's also a popular time for local night-time venues in our town and city centres. With th... More
  07 Dec 2018
Our message is simple. If you drink, don't driveAs South Yorkshire Police announce their Christmas drink drive enforcement campaign, South Yorkshire Safer Roads Partnership is issuing its own advice to road users about the dangers of driving or riding under the influence of alcohol and drugs. Even ... More
  01 Dec 2018
If you’re following the astronomical calendar then there are still a few weeks left of autumn. According to the Met Office however, today (1 December) is the first day of meteorological winter. Either way, we can expect colder and wetter conditions over the next weeks and months. As the weather chan... More
  30 Nov 2018
The Highway Code has been updated (as of 30 November 2018) to provide more detailed advice on how to use automated vehicle technologies, specifically remote control parking and motorway assist functionality.Rules 149, 150, 160 and 239 are the ones that have been amended. The new wording is below: Ru... More
  27 Nov 2018
The recent publication of a two-year national road safety action plan designed to protect vulnerable road users such as pedestrians and cyclists has been welcomed by South Yorkshire Safer Roads Partnership (SYSRP). The plan includes proposals for 50 new measures aimed at encouraging greater res... More
  23 Nov 2018
We have had the opportunity this week to speak to people from across South Yorkshire about road safety as part of Brake's Road Safety Week. We'd like to take the opportunity to thank everyone who has come to see us at one of our events for the role you are playing in helping to make our roads safer ... More
  20 Nov 2018
The DVSA, the government agency responsible for overseeing driving tests, examiners and instructors, has made some changes to the hazard perception element of the theory test. The hazard perception test, which was introduced in 2002, includes 14 videos that cover typical scenarios that drivers may e... More
  14 Nov 2018
South Yorkshire Safer Roads Partnership (SYSRP) is joining with schools, businesses, local authorities and emergency services from around the United Kingdom to raise awareness of the challenges faced by those on two wheels – cyclists, motorcyclists, moped and scooter riders – as part of this year’s ... More
  05 Nov 2018
We've seen a lot of low lying cloud, fog and mist this morning. Here's a reminder from the Highway Code of what to do when visibility is reduced in poor weather conditions. Remember:  use your headlights when you cannot see for more than 100 metres (328 feet). If you've had your fog light on remembe... More
  29 Oct 2018
Evenings are drawing in, the leaves on the trees are falling and very soon the familiar voice of Noddy Holder will be asking if you’re hanging stockings on the wall. Winter months are just around the corner, and with that comes the annual reminder from South Yorkshire Safer Roads Partnership (SYSRP)... More
  01 Oct 2018
Monday 1 October marks the beginning of Tyre Safety Month - a national campaign organised by TyreSafe to highlight the importance of checking tyres regularly - for pressure, tread depth and wheel alignment.Throughout the month the South Yorkshire Safer Roads Partnership team will be at locations thr... More
  28 Sep 2018
South Yorkshire Safer Roads Partnership is encouraging all drivers to take the ‘number plate test’ - a quick and easy way to check they meet the minimum eyesight requirements for driving. By law, all drivers must meet the minimum eyesight standards at all times when driving - this includes being abl... More
  31 Aug 2018
As the summer holidays draw to an end, the South Yorkshire Safer Roads Partnership (SYSRP) is urging road users in South Yorkshire to allow extra time and take extra care on their journeys. With schools reopening and people returning to work after the break, the number of vehicles on the county’s ro... More
  24 Aug 2018
There’s mixed weather in the forecast for this weekend, but there's a a good chance we'll have a dry bank holiday this coming Monday. As people in South Yorkshire prepare to make the most of the extra day off, South Yorkshire Safer Roads Partnership (SYSRP) is issuing advice to help everyone make t... More
  13 Aug 2018
South Yorkshire Safer Roads Partnership is once again reminding all road users of the responsibilities they have to keep themselves and other road users safe, and urging them to think about their behaviour in an effort to reduce the number of people killed or injured on the county’s roads. The messa... More
  08 Aug 2018
In advance of Cycle to Work day on Wednesday 15 August, South Yorkshire Safer Roads Partnership (SYSRP) is issuing its top tips for drivers and cyclists in a bid to make riders stay safer on the road.Cycle to Work Day, which is organised by Cyclescheme, is now in its sixth year. It’s an easy way to ... More
  01 Aug 2018
We're hosting a health and active travel day at the Lifewise Centre next Tuesday (7 August). The Inmotion! team will be there with a team of experts providing advice on free bike loans, route planning and training, as well as offering free bike check ups and minor repairs. We'll also have health pro... More
  20 Jul 2018
School's out, the sun continues to shine (most of the time) and many of us will be making the most of the opportunity to get away for a few days over the summer. Whether you're away for a couple of weeks or just off on day trips to the peaks or the seaside, we want everyone to enjoy themselves and m... More