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  • Be Bright, Be Seen


    When you are out and about near roads it is important that other road users can see you. This is made harder when it is dark outside or the weather is bad. During the winter months, you are more likely to be outside in weather like fog and snow when visibility is reduced. In October the clocks change and it begins to get darker earlier on in the day, which means there is more chance of you being outside when it goes dark.

    So, what can you do to be safer on the roads?
    Firstly, wearing bright colours! Fluorescent or neon colours are brilliant. These below are what we mean by fluorescent and neon colours. Bright aren’t they? 


    Fluorescent neons
    These can help drivers to see you better if it is dull and grey outside. Fluorescent colours will show up well in daylight when you are going to and from school but are not very effective once it goes dark, therefore we need something else as well as just being bright.
    Here are some examples of what you could wear to be bright: jackets, hats, bags and even stickers. There are many more out there. 


    Neon jackets Neon bags Neon hats


    Check out BrightKidz website, they have lots of Fluorescent items you can buy.


    School crossing patrol warden Firefighter Police officer


    Secondly, we have to have something reflective! To be seen well when it is dark you need to wear reflective materials that to glow brightly when lights shine on them.
    Jobs that require people to work outside often have uniforms that have reflective material on them. Take a look at the picture of the School Crossing Patrol Warden below. Can you see how their uniform is 'glowing' with the car headlights shining on it? Even the lollypop sign is reflective so it can be seen clearly.

    Reflective school crossing  

    If you can, try to wear something that is both reflective and fluorescent which will make it easier to see you in the day and at night. You do not have to buy anything special to Be Bright and Be Seen, you can accessorise your bags and coats with stickers and keyrings.
     Remember - The best way to keep yourself safe on roads is not just by being bright and being seen but also by crossing the road in a safe, well lit places, using a dedicated pedestrian crossing where you can see and remember to Stop, Look, Listen and Think! 

    So how can you promote Be Bright Be Seen in school?

    You can have lots of fun and get creative when promoting the Be Bright Be Seen theme. Check out the October Newsletter you receive for ideas and activities to get involved in. Here are some ideas to help you:  
    Update your notice board with lots of fluorescent and reflective examples/material


    • Ask if you can do an assembly on being bright and being seen
    • Run a competition for everyone to get involved in
    • Have a Be Bright Be Seen fashion show where everyone comes dressed as bright as they can!


    If you decide to do an activity for Be Bright Be Seen, make sure you tell us about and we can include you in the next newsletter.
  • Downloads

    JRSO handbook
    JRSO Handbook (PDF)
    JRSO poster
    JRSO Poster (PDF)
    Activity log
     Activity Log (PDF)
    JRSO information sheet 
    JRSO Information Sheet (PDF)

    Activity sheets 

    Be bright be seen thumbnail
    Bright Be Seen (PDF)
    See how bright you can colour these characters in so the traffic can see them.
    Dress brightly boy thumbnail
    Dress Brightly, Boy (PDF)
    Colour in Zeb to make sure the traffic can see him.
    Dress brightly girl thumbnail
    Dress Brightly, Girl (PDF)
    Colour in Grace to make sure the traffic can see her.
    Spot the difference 1 thumbnail
    Spot the Difference (PDF)
    Can you spot the 6 difference on the Police Officer?
    Design your own t shirt
    T-shirt (PDF)
    Can you design your own bright t-shirt?
    Police officers thumbnail
    Police Officers (PDF)
    What do Police Officers wear when they are out and about? Colour him in so that people can see him.
    Lollypop man thumbnail
    Lollipop Man (PDF)
    Colour in the school crossing patrol warden to make sure he can be seen by traffic when doing his job.
    Spot the difference 2 thumbnail
    Spot the Difference (PDF)
    Can you spot the 8 differences on the school crossing patrol warden?



    Other resources

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    Be bright be seen PowerPoint thumbnail
    Be Bright Be Seen Powerpoint by Danni Bird