South Yorkshire Safer Roads Partnership
  • On your bike

    Cycling and scooting is so much fun. When the weather is nice, you are likely to be out and about on these instead of being inside. When you are on your bikes and scooters, do you know how important it is that we use them safely?

    Bicycles and Scooters

    People love to cycle because it is fun and a healthy way of getting around. We encourage cycling (and scooting) in South Yorkshire. It is a great way to get to school, be with your friends and family and it is environmentally friendly.

    Protective Wears

    If your helmet gets damaged or if your head grows it will need replacing or it might not work effectively when you need it too. Make sure the straps or fitted around your chin properly and the helmet isn't too loose or too tight on your head.

    Like games? Click here for games and the top 10 tips for safer cycling.


    Bike lights 2Remember to accessorise!

    It is possible to purchase reflective stickers, special paint and gadgets that you could put on your bike to help you be seen. If you are going to be riding your bike around pedestrians make sure you have a bell so you can warn people if you are coming up behind them. Additional reflectors can be put on the spokes on your wheels.






    It is always a good idea to look after your bike as it will ensure that your ride out will be safer. Riding a bike that has problems that need fixing may mean you come off your bike and get hurt. Even if you don't know how to fix things yourself you should know to keep your eyes out for any problems. But you can always learn how to fix problems or ask for training.

    Air - keep an eye on your tyres. If they are going down ask someone to help you pump them back up. If they are still losing air you may have a puncture.

    Brakes - before you take your bike out make sure the brakes are working. You can check this by pushing your bike next to you and pulling the levers to see if it stops the wheels from moving.

    Chain - ensure your chain moves smoothly and it is still attached! Check that your pedals are also secure.

    Seat & Lights - As you grow and become taller your bike seat and handle bars may need altering to keep the bike at the correct height for you. Ask an adult to help you. Make sure your lights are fully charged on a regular basis or change the batteries regularly to make sure they will work when you need them.


    Free Training - Bikeability

    Bikeability badgesAs we encourage people to cycle in South Yorkshire, we want to make sure that through practical skills and training it can help you keep safer on the roads and make cycling  an enjoyable experience.

    Who is entitled to training?

    Did you know that ALL primary and junior schools in South Yorkshire are entitled to free safer cycling training? This is usually for year 6 children. Research shows that children who have completed Bikeability are better able to recognise and deal with hazards.

    Who does the training involved?

    Qualified instructors take the children through several steps of training to improve their skills and confidence to navigate the roads more safely. There are three different levels that you can pass. 


    For more information about Bikeability click here.