South Yorkshire Safer Roads Partnership
  14 Jan 2020Concerned about speeding in your area?

Speeding concerns


If you are concerned about speeding in your area there are a number of options you can take:

Community Speed Watch:

You can request a community speed watch operation through your local policing team.

Community Speedwatch (CSW) is a national initiative where members of the local area join forces with the police to monitor speeds of vehicles using detection devices.

You can contact your local policing team via

Community concern site:

You can request a community concern site mobile camera enforcement.

This is done through South Yorkshire Safety Cameras – our partners who operate mobile and stationary speed cameras.

You can do this via

Social media campaigns:

You can encourage members of the community to follow South Yorkshire Safer Roads Partnership on Facebook and Twitter to find out information about what is happening in their area.

Speeding is part of our FatalFour campaign which is run throughout the year to raise awareness about the consequences and dangers of driving too fast.

Our key messages focus on stopping distances, speed limits, driving on country roads and the consequences of killing or seriously injuring someone.