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South Yorkshire Safer Roads Partnership
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Who should I contact with my speeding issue and how?

We hope this guide will help you to reach the relevant party to address your concerns.

To request a speed indicator device (SID) or a vehicle actuated sign (VAS) please contact your relevant local authority:



Rotherham: Report a problem with or request new street markings – Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council

To request traffic calming, signing or lining changes or other highway features contact your local relevant local authority contact for your area (links as per above).

Where speeding is a concern in a 30mph or above speed limit you can request a ‘Community Concern Site’ via

To request Community Speedwatch (CSW) contact your local policing team via

Where speeding is a concern in a 20mph zone please contact:

To help us to distribute relevant road safety messages and campaign materials in your community (via notice boards, newsletters, social media channels, etc) please contact the Safer Roads Partnership at

If you have specific concerns about certain motorists then these ideally need reporting to South Yorkshire Police on telephone number 101. Alternatively, you can report dangerous or inconsiderate driving to the police via their on line reporting system at

Dashcam footage can also be submitted for consideration by South Yorkshire Police via the national portal