South Yorkshire Safer Roads Partnership
Changing attitudes and influencing behaviour through a comprehensive programme of measures to engage with members of the public. 

Working more closely together across the partner agencies, to improve efficiencies and effectiveness, a co-ordinated delivery approach will enable us to:

  • Offer a comprehensive programme of standardised education initiatives for children at all year groups in schools across South Yorkshire based on a 'worst first' delivery and linking, where possible, with complementary activities encouraging more sustainable and healthy forms of travel
  • Provide practical training to enhance the skills and influence the attitudes of vulnerable road users such as pedestrians, cyclists and powered two-wheelers as well as young drivers who are over represented in the casualty statistics
  • Offer bespoke courses for businesses who have staff who drive for work to reduce on-road risk and collisions
  • In line with the Predictive Analysis Project (PAP), which highlighted that people with a criminal record were more likely to be perpetrators of fatal road traffic collisions, to off er bespoke road safety interventions for young offenders and those young people at risk of becoming involved in criminal activity
  • Effectively communicate and engage with our target audiences via the most appropriate channels, making best use of social media and digital platforms to engage with the target audiences who are most familiar with these channels
  • Run road safety campaigns focussing on priority issues and targeting key road user groups, delivering engagement in the format that people want it


For further information about SYSRP and our campaigns and initiatives, or if you have any queries, then contact us using this form or drop an email to

To keep up-to-date with our many events and initiatives around South Yorkshire then follow us @SYSaferRoads.

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13 Oct 2021
Football fans are being urged to show poorly maintained tyres the red card as part of a national campaign.
11 Oct 2021
South Yorkshire is joining a national effort to remind all road users to check their tyres and stay safe this winter.
05 Oct 2021
A group of riders are enjoying the benefits of cycling after lockdown prevented them from using their motorbikes.
31 Aug 2021
We are re-starting BikerDown! sessions this month. If you would like to register an interest please email:
01 Jan 0001

We will keep you updated as to when the BikerDown! sessions will return but if you would like to register an interest in the meantime please email: