South Yorkshire Safer Roads Partnership
  25 Oct 2019Beware the SMOMBIES this Halloween

This Halloween, there is something very dangerous on South Yorkshire’s roads.

We’re not talking werewolves, ghouls or clowns, we are talking about a phenomenon more powerful than any force of nature…the SMOMBIE.

These creatures are in a trance-like state, oblivious to the world around them with just one thing on their mind.

So, please, please take care this Halloween and beware the SMOMBIE.

“There really is nowhere to hide,” said Joanne Wehrle, manager of South Yorkshire Safer Roads Partnership.

“Smombies are taking over our streets and showing no sign of stopping.

“And it’s not just at Halloween, Smombies are out on our roads all year round.”

Smombies – also known as smart phone zombies – are ordinary members of the public who are so consumed by their mobile phone that they become dangerously detached from their surroundings.

“This is a very serious issue,” added Joanne. “Smombies are so addicted to their phone, that real-life situations, including crossing busy roads, pass them by.

“Please don’t fall victim to the Smombie cult. Being distracted by your smart phone is incredibly dangerous.

“Social media can and must wait. Put your phone away while crossing the road and please give it your full attention.”

Are you or a member of your family at risk of becoming a Smombie?

Do you know a Smombie and want to get them some help?

South Yorkshire Safer Roads Partnership is here to support you.

Just visit for tips and information about road safety.


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