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    Zebra crossing We all like to listen to music, chat with our friends and use our mobile phones when out and about. However, if you are cycling, driving or crossing the road these can be a distraction. Getting distracted can be fatal.  

    Here are few tips when out and about to help you keep safe:

    • When walking, don’t use MP3 players and mobile phones they can distract you from traffic on the roads
    • Using a mobile phone whilst driving is illegal. Even if you have hands free, ask yourself, do I need to take that call?
    • Do not eat, drink or smoke whilst driving, doing two things at once can cause a fatal distraction
    • Always check for cyclists when you open your car door
    • Plan your journey; don’t rush to arrive at your destination. You might get distracted or end up with penalty points on your licence.
    • Think before adjusting your car radio, you may get distracted
    • If you use satellite navigation, plan your journey before you set off, never adjust your journey planner whilst driving


    Remember, negotiating roads needs your full care and attention.

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