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  • Drive for life

    Drive for life wide  

    Drive for Life is an interactive presentation delivered by SYSRP. This free of charge presentation is approximately 90 minutes in duration but is adaptable to different time frames.  It is aimed primarily at young people in the 17-24 year age group, prior to them gaining a driving licence or shortly after they have passed their driving test. 

    The Drive for Life session is designed to raise awareness of issues that might contribute to these collisions, making young people aware of their responsibilities as drivers, examining and altering attitudes and behaviour so as to make them safer, more considerate drivers. 

    Rather than a lecture, the presentation consists of interactive scenarios covering issues such as drink/drug driving, speed, peer pressure, seat belt usage, and includes first-hand accounts from local parents, family members or friends who have been affected by a death or serious injury to someone close to them in a collision.  It is a hard-hitting, emotional and thought-provoking session which leads to further opportunities for discussion between the participants on the day, but also leads to talking points for some time afterwards.

    For more information, or if you are interested in booking a session please email