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    TramsIn Sheffield, and other towns and cities around the country, some of the roads are shared with tram tracks. The following advice, originally issued by Stagecoach Supertram, will help you know what to do if and when when you encounter a tram.


    • pay attention to the tram when it travels around bends
    • leave a safe distance from the tracks at all times 
    • allow at least two metres when parking to allow the tram to pass safely – the tram is unable to steer around obstructions
    • take extra care near the tracks when driving in wet and icy conditions
    • avoid driving directly on the rails whenever possible
    • think about cyclists, who may have to move into the centre of the road to avoid obstructions
    • do not attempt to overtake a tram when it has stopped in traffic, at a station or while it is moving



    • only cross the tracks at a 90 degree angle with both wheels 
    • take extra care near the tracks in wet and icy conditions
    • make eye contact with the driver - make your intentions clear and confirm you’re aware of the tram’s presence 
    • be aware that the driver will sound the bell or horn to warn of the tram’s presence
    • pull in at a safe place and let traffic pass, wherever possible


    Take a look at this video from Sheffield City Council for more.




    • don’t step out from behind a tram - make sure you have a clear view of the highway
    • use a designated crossing or footbridge when crossing the tracks
    • look both ways when crossing – trams are electric, and therefore very quiet
    • always stand clear of the trams’ ‘swept path’ (the area in which the tram needs to move). 
    • if a driver sees you, they’ll sound the bell or horn to warn you that they’re coming
    • let the driver know you’re aware of the tram’s presence – gesture or make eye contact with him or her


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