South Yorkshire Safer Roads Partnership
11 Dec 2020
Today is Christmas Jumper Day so expect lots of bright and merrily dressed people sparkling like the lights on a festive tree.

The national event fits perfectly with our Be Bright Be Seen campaign which reminds pedestrians and cyclists to wear something bright in the day and reflective at night to give other road users the best chance of seeing them.

But you shouldn't have to wear bright colours to feel safe at the roadside, no matter what your age and this message is very much part of our campaign.

We ask drivers to look out for pedestrians and cyclists and to slow down and give them room even if they are not dressed brightly like a Christmas tree.

We all have a responsibility to share the roads safely and to play a part in keeping ourselves, and others, safe.

Whether you’re a driver, rider, cyclist, walker, runner or horse-rider - please - let's all look out for each other no matter what colour jumper we have on.

Share the road as well as the festive love.