South Yorkshire Safer Roads Partnership
11 Feb 2021
Valentine’s day is here again. It's the day when people show their affection for another person by sending cards, flowers or chocolates with messages of love.

It’s become very commercialised; the shops are full of overpriced roses and heart shaped gifts, restaurants are usually crammed with couples in search of a quiet, romantic evening.

This year with non-essential shops closed and restaurants and pubs not allowed to open due to the COVID restrictions we’ll all have to rethink our approach.

But perhaps that’s no bad thing. Maybe this year the mass-produced cards will be replaced by a more personal message and be all the more precious as a result. We’ll appreciate the small things and it will be enough to celebrate that we are still safe and well, rather than worry about finding the perfect present in the shops.

My husband and I will have a nice meal, but we’ll cook it ourselves, together. We’ll enjoy a glass of wine and the chance to sit and talk. We might even get dressed up, as if we were going out, and use the best plates and cutlery to make it a special evening.

Instead of an expensive present, I’ll bake his favourite cake as a treat. This year it’s all about showing your loved one that you care in little ways. I’m grateful that he is there with me and has helped my through the last 12 months of turmoil and uncertainty that COVID has created. I want my Valentine to be safe from harm; at home, at work, when he is out on the roads.

We’re all someone’s loved one, someone’s Valentine. Remember that when you are driving and extend the kindness you would show to your Valentine to others, to help keep them  safe on the roads. If you pass someone out walking or cycling, please slow down and give them room.

Think about how you would feel if your actions as a driver killed or seriously injured someone; be that a complete stranger or even someone you love. Don’t risk having to live with that guilt for the rest of your life because of one silly mistake on the road:
  • It may be Valentine’s Day, but no one loves a drink driver; so don’t get behind the wheel if you have been drinking.
  • Going too fast to impress your partner is not speed dating.
  • There’s no greater passion killer than a car crash; make sure everyone in the car belts up to protect them in the event of a collision.
  • Show them you love them by not using a mobile phone while driving, rather than texting or making that call to them from the car.
Your actions on the roads could help to make this Valentine’s Day memorable for everyone, for all the right reasons.

But just as showing your love and appreciation for someone special shouldn’t be limited to the 14th of February, so the same applies to helping to make our roads safer. Every time you go out consider the consequences of your actions and take extra care.

Help to make sure that my Valentine gets home safely today.

Please don’t hurt him. It would break my heart.
Stay safe until next time.