South Yorkshire Safer Roads Partnership
23 Nov 2020

The subject of riding two abreast is one that stirs up a big debate among all types of road users.

The Highway Code however, clearly states that it is legal to do so.

Addressing the issue of horse riding and road safety, Warwickshire Police had a huge response to a recent social media post on the subject.

A facebook post was shared more than 12,000 times generating much discussion on the topic.

“Please be aware that horse riders sometimes ride in double file to protect novice riders or nervous horses, are often able to see and hear further ahead than a motorist, and may signal to you,” said a spokesman for the force.

“The riders may be children or young people. Horses are powerful animals that are easily frightened and can panic in traffic. Please slow down and give them plenty of room when overtaking.”

We have a webpage dedicated to horse riding:

To read the relevant section of the Highway Code click here.