South Yorkshire Safer Roads Partnership
26 Nov 2020
With everyone talking about Black Friday, we thought it was the perfect time to shake things up and introduce our very own BRIGHT SQUAD!

Our ‘heroes of darkness’ will be coming to a classroom, phone or computer near you to remind us all about the need to stand out during the winter months.

These new animations feature a host of characters that we’ll be getting to know over the coming weeks, providing ideas and information for a wide range of age groups and road user types.

So, while Black Friday is saving us all lots of money, let the Bright Squad save you and your loved ones the heartache of being involved in a collision by getting your BRIGHT ON.

Joanne Wehrle, manager of South Yorkshire Safer Roads Partnership, said: “This year, we wanted to do something a bit different with our Be Bright Be Seen campaign, so we decided to create our own team of interactive helpers.

“The Bright Squad is all about reminding all road users, of all ages, about the added risks of being out and about in the lower light conditions, particularly in adverse weather.

“By wearing something bright in the day and reflective when it’s dark, you will be taking those all-important extra steps to being safer. Oh, and don’t forget to protect your fury friends!”

The Bright Squad animations feature themes including stopping distances, visibility, reflective accessories and cycle and scooter safety. There are also clips that cover tips for drivers and family travel.

The animations will form part of our classroom sessions as well as featuring on social media, SYSRP’s website and YouTube channel SRP TV throughout the winter months.

“The Covid-19 pandemic has meant that we have had to re-think the way that we deliver education and training packages and how we engage with our priority audiences,” added Joanne.

“So, this is just one example of how we are trying to reach out to those people we would usually see at face-to-face events.

“The Bright Squad will tell you all the important information you need to know about what to wear during different times of the day, from snoods to arm bands, which will hopefully help our vulnerable road users to be more easily seen by others when out and about.

“They’ve also got all you need to know about whatlights to use on your vehicles under what conditions and what checks to carry out to make sure your vehicle can be seen by other road users too.

“Most importantly, whether you’re a cyclist, rider, driver or pedestrian, our Bright Squad is here to remind us all of our responsibility to share the roads smartly and safely this winter.”

For more information on the Bright Squad follow #brightsquad on social media or visit