South Yorkshire Safer Roads Partnership
13 May 2021
South Yorkshire Safer Roads Partnership (SYSRP) is supporting UN Global Road Safety Week by putting the spotlight on speed.
This year the international campaign, which runs from Monday 17 May to Sunday 23 May, is focussing on 20mph zones and the benefits that they bring to communities.
Throughout next week, Safer Roads will be highlighting key speed-related issues including stopping distances, survival rates and the importance of driving to the conditions of the road. This information will be shared via videos, social media messaging and infographics.
Joanne Wehrle, manager of SYSRP, said: “We are taking part in Global Road Safety week to join organisations across the world that share our pursuit of safer roads.
“The focus for 2021 is on slow speeds and the concept of ‘20’s plenty’ in areas where people live, play or work.
“There are already a number of 20mph zones across South Yorkshire with more planned in built up areas where there are high numbers of pedestrians or children.
“Low speed streets are at the heart of any community so let’s work together to keep our loved ones safe.”
Statistics show that as a pedestrian, if you are hit by a vehicle travelling at 30mph then you have an 80 per cent chance of survival. At 20mph, your chances of survival increase to 95 per cent.
“While at first glance it may not look like a big figure, the difference is actually the equivalent of saving 15% more lives,” added Joanne.
“By travelling at 20mph rather than 30mph, you are potentially saving the lives of an additional 15 people in every 100 involved in a collision.
“That’s half a class of school children, a football team or members of your immediate family…
“Our message throughout this week is that every mile matters. So please stick to the limit.”
This year marks the 6th UN Global Road Safety Week and the organisers are asking people to back their Streets for Life campaign by signing an open letter.
As well as the safety side of slower speeds, the campaign looks at health and well-being benefits, environmental factors, the impact on pedestrians and cyclists, reduced congestion and improved social cohesion.
You can find out all about the campaign and news from around the world by visiting
You can keep up to date with what the Safer Roads Central Team is doing next week by following us @SYSaferRoads on social media or using #Love20.