South Yorkshire Safer Roads Partnership
05 Jun 2023

We are teaming up with The National Young Rider Forum (NYRF), as well as other road safety partnerships, to host a free webinar for young riders.

This webinar is aimed at those aged between 16-24 years, with parents and carers also welcome.

It will take place on-line from 6.30pm to 8pm on Tuesday 27 June.

Topics will include driving licences and taking your CBT test, motorcycle PPE, maintenance and ways of improving your riding skills.

This webinar provides an opportunity for you to ask any questions of NYRF members who cover a large area of expertise in the world of motorcycling.

You can register here:


6:30 Open
6:40- DVSA - Starting to ride and Ride Free
6:50- Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
7:00- Mental Health Motorbikes
7:10- Bike maintenance
7:20- Shiny Side UP Know the Danger films
7:30- Biker Down
7:40- Q&A
8:00- Close