South Yorkshire Safer Roads Partnership
20 Nov 2020

Statistics show that 28 per cent of male drivers have admitted to speeding above 100mph. This is compared to nine per cent of women according to the research carried out by road safety charity Brake.

Brake’s research found that nearly one in five of all UK drivers (18%) and one in three (33%) 25-34-year-old drivers admitted to speeding at more than 100mph on a public road.

A spokeswoman for the charity said: “Stopping distances at 100mph are approximately 182m – the length of nearly two football pitches– making stopping in time to avoid a crash practically impossible.

“We support the use of lengthy driving bans for excess speeding. Drivers caught exceeding 100mph on public roads face a driving ban of up to eight weeks, and a fine of 150% of their weekly income.”

Brake is raising awareness of the dangers of speed for this year’s Road Safety Week 2020, which is supported by funding from the Department for Transport and co-sponsored by DHL and Specsavers.

In addition to the dangers of excessive speeds, Brake is highlighting to the UK’s majority law-abiding drivers that in many conditions, such as in the wet or near cyclists and pedestrians, even driving within the speed limit can be too fast.

Brake analysis of Government data has found that, on average, there are 11 deaths or serious injuries every day on UK roads where speed – either exceeding the limit or travelling too fast for conditions – is identified as a contributory factor to the crash by the police.

The charity states that while shocking, this figure is likely a vast underestimate of the impact of speed, as slower speeds mean more chance to stop in time, and speed is an inevitable factor in nearly all deaths and serious injuries.

It is difficult in some crashes for the police to determine whether or not speed was a direct causal factor, and more in-depth collision investigation following fatal and serious injury crashes would be likely to show higher rates of speed as a causal factor.

As well as organising Road Safety Week and promoting road safety year round, Brake delivers support to road crash victims through the National Road Victim Service helping families cope with the shock, turmoil and devastation that road crashes cause to families across the UK every day.

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