South Yorkshire Safer Roads Partnership
22 Feb 2024
Road safety charity Brake is sharing a petition calling on the Government to introduce a progressive licensing system to protect young drivers.
In 2022, 1,365 young drivers aged 17-24 were killed or seriously injured on UK roads.
In South Yorkshire in 2022, 140 17-24-year-olds were killed or seriously injured on local roads.
Brake is backing a call to take real action to stop this from happening again and again.
The petition calls for:
  • A minimum learning period of 40hrs to help young drivers gain skills and experience on different roads under different conditions
  • No carrying passengers 25 and under for the first year
  • Restrictions on driving at night between midnight and 6am
  • Mandatory hazard perception training
A spokesperson for Brake said: “We commend and support the brave road victims and campaigners who are driving this call to action, and who have long fought for this.
“If you support the campaign, please sign and share this petition and help us make noise on this vital issue. To learn more about progressive licensing, visit our website.”
If you or someone you love has been bereaved or injured through a crash involving a young or newly qualified driver and would like to support Brake’s campaign work with other road victims and campaigners, please email