South Yorkshire Safer Roads Partnership
23 May 2022
Drivers preparing to head off on a Spring Bank break are being advised to watch a new ‘FLOWERY’ film in a bid to help them arrive at their destination safely.
The video uses the acronym to show drivers how to check fuel, lights, oil, water, electrics and rubber, as well as thinking about their own well-being (‘you’).
By encouraging drivers to brush up on basic vehicle checks and consider if they are fit to drive, it is hoped that there will be fewer collisions, breakdowns and injuries on the road network.
Joanne Wehrle, manager of South Yorkshire Safer Roads Partnership, said: “With the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee falling within the school holidays, and events taking place across the country, roads are expected to be busier than usual.
“Basic vehicle checks are quick and easy, don’t require any specialist tools and will hopefully help you enjoy a smooth, stress free and safe journey.
“FLOWERY is a great way to remember each stage and our film talks you through the most important aspects step by step.”

The film also explains how regular checks not only reduce your chances of being involved in a collision, but they can also save you money. For example, incorrectly inflated tyres will increase uneven wear which could mean you’ll have to change your tyres more frequently.
Under inflated tyres will also increase rolling resistance with the road which means  you’ll be getting fewer miles to the gallon, costing you more pounds at the pump.
“By keeping on top of your car maintenance you can prevent little jobs turning into big problems that could cost you more in the long run,” added Joanne.
“For example, low engine oil could damage your engine and it will cost a lot more to fix the engine than it will to refill your car’s engine oil.
“Also be aware that vehicle defects such as having a brake light out are illegal and drivers can be fined and gain points on their licence if stopped by the Police.
“Don’t risk unnecessary breakdowns that could land you with expensive recovery and repair bills. In addition, a breakdown will inconvenience you and other road users and could leave you in an unsafe location on the road.”
The Partnership has teamed up with South Yorkshire Police and Cuckoo Films for the project. Presenter, roads policing Sergeant Brandon Brown, said he hoped that the film would help drivers to think about their own well-being before getting behind the wheel.
He added: “One of the most important aspects of FLOWERY is the ‘Y’ – which is all about ‘you’ the driver – the main part of any vehicle.
“Are you fit and able to drive? Have you had a drink?  Are you on any kind of drugs, either recreational or legal, which may affect your ability to drive? 
“Have you just finished a long shift at work or not been able to sleep for a few nights?  Has that led to you feeling tired or fatigued? 
“As a driver there is a lot of responsibility on your shoulders, so sometimes leaving the car parked up can be the best option if you aren’t in the right state of mind, either physically or mentally.”
The vehicle maintenance video can be found on the Safer Roads’ YouTube channel and will also be used during visit to colleges, training centres and for on-line learning projects.
You can view it here: