South Yorkshire Safer Roads Partnership
28 Jun 2022
Government brings in life sentences for drivers who kill on our roads.
24 Jun 2022
A631 northbound to close near Tinsley Viaduct for essential gas pipe maintenance
17 Jun 2022
Officers have launched an investigation following a fatal collision on the A1M Southbound in Doncaster on Wednesday 15 June.
14 Jun 2022
Joanne Wehrle shares tips on how to cut costs on fuel by applying eco driving techniques.
09 Jun 2022
Joanne Wehrle takes a look at why distractions can be deadly.
06 Jun 2022
Over the next few weeks we will be sharing information about why seatbelts are so important.
23 May 2022
Heading away for the Spring Bank Holiday? Our basic vehicle checks film could help get you there safely and on time.
Can you help our colleagues South Yorkshire Police with this appeal into a fatal collision?
10 May 2022
Are you talking part in this year's Walk to School Week? Find out more about the national challenge.
With Walk to School Week around the corner, we've asked a local mum to have her say on school gate safety.
06 May 2022
Safer Roads is backing a national initiative to help support young and new riders.
12 Apr 2022
A National Fire Chiefs’ campaign is highlighting free first aid training as part of a bid to reduce the number of motorcyclists killed or seriously injured.
11 Apr 2022
Find out what our manager Joanne Wehrle would do if she was given a road safety magic wand.
28 Mar 2022
Spring weather prompts national drive to protect two-wheel riders.
22 Mar 2022
Stricter rules on the use of hand-held mobile phones while driving are set to come into place this week.
Roads Policing Sergeant Brandon Brown is taking part in the Andy Cox Challenge 2022 on his bike in a bid to raise money for Road Peace.
21 Mar 2022
We are using SnapChat to remind riders why the correct clothing could prevent serious injury.
17 Mar 2022
Manager Joanne Wehrle takes a look at our latest campaign for young riders.
11 Mar 2022
We are working with schools to raise awareness about illegal and irresponsible parking.
03 Mar 2022
The view from my desk – a universal read on World Book Day.
01 Mar 2022
We are raising awareness about the Dutch Reach method which is so simple yet could save lives.
24 Feb 2022
Manager Joanne Wehrle takes a look back at a time before mobile phones and what risks they pose on our roads.
03 Feb 2022
A national campaign to highlight the dangers of using a mobile phone at the wheel will launch in South Yorkshire next week.
27 Jan 2022
From Saturday 29 January, The Highway Code is changing. These advisory changes have been implemented to improve safety for people walking, cycling and horse riding.
20 Jan 2022
Find out more about why unsafe loading can have catastrophic consequences.
18 Jan 2022
Find out what happened when we were on location with road traffic officers.
11 Jan 2022
The number of drivers testing positive for drink and drugs at the roadside throughout the festive period decreased.
10 Jan 2022
Police are appealing for witnesses after a road traffic collision in Wath upon Dearne.
05 Jan 2022
The Met Office has issued yellow weather warnings for tomorrow (Thursday 6 January) and Friday (7 January).
30 Dec 2021
Manager Joanne Wehrle speaks about the future of the South Yorkshire Safer Roads Partnership as we head into 2022.
13 Dec 2021
Don't blow it this Christmas - leave the car at home or have NONE for the road.
06 Dec 2021
We have a detailed weather report on Storn Barra for the next 24 - 48 hours.
30 Nov 2021
Here's our manager Joanne on why the “Don’t Drink and Drive” slogan really matters.
Today we kick-off our month-long campaign highlighting the dangers of drink and drug driving.
23 Nov 2021
South Yorkshire Safer Roads Partnership (SYSRP) is proud to be supporting a scheme that aims to combat loneliness and keep people safe this winter.
22 Nov 2021
With the festive countdown underway, we want everyone to enjoy a safe and happy Christmas.
19 Nov 2021
Police will soon be able to more easily prosecute drivers using a hand-held mobile phone at the wheel.
16 Nov 2021
South Yorkshire Police’s Roads Policing Team are appealing for information following a collision yesterday evening (Monday 15 November) which left a cyclist in hospital.
Filming is underway for a project that encourages teenagers to think about the consequences of being involved in a road traffic collision.
15 Nov 2021
Pupils from across Rotherham have been showing us their bright ideas to help keep communities safer on our roads this winter.
11 Nov 2021
We've been delivering our Drive Start session to Sheffield Wednesday youth team players.
08 Nov 2021
All next week we will be nominating some of our road safety heroes as part of National Road Safety Week.
04 Nov 2021
Would you rather have scraped boots or a crushed ankle? Torn hand or grazed gloves?
02 Nov 2021
Find out why our brains have a lot to answer for when it comes to what we see on the roads.
For those of us who passed our test a while ago, here is a quick refresher on the Highway Code and why it is so important.
A new global plan has been launched with the ambitious target of preventing at least 50% of road traffic deaths and injuries by 2030.
21 Oct 2021
With the clock change just around the corner, we are hoping that road users across South Yorkshire will join us as we ‘stand up to the night’ this Winter.
13 Oct 2021
Football fans are being urged to show poorly maintained tyres the red card as part of a national campaign.
11 Oct 2021
South Yorkshire is joining a national effort to remind all road users to check their tyres and stay safe this winter.
05 Oct 2021
A group of riders are enjoying the benefits of cycling after lockdown prevented them from using their motorbikes.
01 Oct 2021
The National Young Rider Forum is looking to collaborate with delivery companies to increase the safety of their young riders.
28 Sep 2021
Our partners have issued an update in connection to a fatal collision in Sheffield. Can you help?
27 Sep 2021
Students are being treated to a egg-citing new animation that aims to reduce collisions among young adult pedestrians.
23 Sep 2021
We have a full round up of activity from ProjectEDWARD week of action.
21 Sep 2021
Can you help our colleagues South Yorkshire Police with their investigation into a collision in Rotherham?
Have a look at the fantastic work of our junior road safety officers from Barnsley.
20 Sep 2021
Safer Roads manager Joanne Wehrle takes a look at the challenges faced by road safety teams.
14 Sep 2021
This week sees the start of our annual campaign to keep young adults safe as they return to college or university.
09 Sep 2021
We're counting down to a week of activity in support of Project EDWARD - Every Day Without A Road Death.
08 Sep 2021
A yellow thunderstorm warning has been issued and valid tomorrow from 10am to 10pm in South Yorkshire.
03 Sep 2021
We are sharing this appeal on behalf of our partners South Yorkshire Police.
31 Aug 2021
The national 'Vulnerable Road Users' campaign is set to take to the county's streets.
25 Aug 2021
As a new academic year dawns, pupils everywhere, will be heading back to lessons.
24 Aug 2021
Have a look at these 10 facts about road safety.
22 Aug 2021
Do you remember Tufty and the Tufty Club?
10 Aug 2021
A week-long campaign focussing on the dangers of drug driving will be launched in South Yorkshire next week.
The aim of this guide is to support you with their safety to and from school - for some children, this will be their first regular independent journey.
09 Aug 2021
The number of newly qualified drivers losing their driving licence within the first two years of passing their test has risen by nearly 50% in recent years, new analysis shows.
05 Aug 2021
If you're getting ready to head off on your hols, let Joanne give you some top tips!
03 Aug 2021
Find out what our road safety superhero is up to this Thursday.
19 Jul 2021
Today marks the start of a national campaign against speeding. Look out for enforcement activitiy from our partners South Yorkshire Police.
14 Jul 2021
Find out what our manager Joanne Wehrle thinks about the prospect of autonomous vehicles.
13 Jul 2021
Want to be the best rider you can? Find out about the benefits of advanced rider training.
Is your son or daughter preparing to start secondary school? Have a look at our road safety advice sheet.
09 Jul 2021
We are working with South Yorkshire Fire & Rescue (SYFR) to promote the ‘Think Bike’ message across the county.
Are you getting ready for a summer staycation? Check out our tips to get you there safely.
28 Jun 2021
The official Department for Transport 2020 Casualty Stats have been released today.
22 Jun 2021
Find out the latest on the scheme from Road Safety GB news.
18 Jun 2021
Our manager Joanne Wehrle takes a look back at learning to drive.
17 Jun 2021
Our Young Rider officer John is taking to the roads to raise funds for a local charity.
14 Jun 2021
Our partners are continuing their investigation into a fatal collision in Cubley, Barnsley.
11 Jun 2021
Can you help our colleagues South Yorkshire Police investigating a collision in Balby?
10 Jun 2021
Find out why we're asking for your help to keep penalties on the pitch.
08 Jun 2021
It can be hard knowing how best to teach your child to stay safe. Here we help you to break it down and keep it simple.
07 Jun 2021
Driving above the speed limit is both dangerous and illegal.
That’s the message from the South Yorkshire Safer Roads Partnership (SYSRP) at the start of Child Safety Week 2021.
02 Jun 2021
31 May 2021
Pick up one of our free adult cycle safety packs from selected cycle stores across South Yorkshire.
26 May 2021
South Yorkshire Fire & Rescue help us to spread the word on our Give Them Space campaign.
25 May 2021
A national charity has found nearly two thirds of those who took part would ban cars outside schools.
20 May 2021
Find out why we are supporting the National Police Chiefs' Council seatbelt campaign.
19 May 2021
Find out why our partners at South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue are sticking with us on road safety.
13 May 2021
This month our manager Joanne Wehrle looks at the impact that the elements have on our everyday lives.
26 Mar 2021
For the latest on the annual fund-raising event...
25 Mar 2021
With travel back on the agenda, South Yorkshire Safer Roads Partnership (SYSRP) is urging people to think ‘flowery’ and check their vehicles before setting off.
Confused about what is next on the Government's roadmap out of lockdown?
04 Mar 2021
At last schools are reopening to all pupils and I can imagine that parents everywhere are breathing a sigh of relief that home schooling is over once again.
02 Mar 2021
Talented school pupils have been making mini versions of their key worker heroes as part of an art challenge.
26 Feb 2021
Here is a list of potential mobile safety camera sites for the coming week across Barnsley, Doncaster, Rotherham and Sheffield.
07 Feb 2021
Here you can find some downloadable graphics to help raise awareness about dangerous and inconsiderate parking outside schools.
28 Jan 2021
It's time for part 4 of Benny's Lockdown Lookout - with answers to last week's quiz sheet.
26 Jan 2021
As it’s not possible to work in schools at the minute, we are putting activities on our website for families to have a go at, if they have the chance.
18 Jan 2021
The Met Office has issued an AMBER warning for heavy rainfall for South Yorkshire starting at 6am tomorrow (Tuesday 19 January) until Thursday.
13 Jan 2021
Have a go at the on-line winter driving module - launched by Transport for Bucks (TfB).
11 Jan 2021
27 Dec 2020
2020 will be a year to remember for many reasons. For me it was the year that we walked, when my fitness tracker went into overdrive counting my steps.
18 Dec 2020
Here are some of the sites our partners may be attending this week.
15 Dec 2020
Keep an emergency kit in your car, especially if you’re going on a long journey:
08 Dec 2020
The temperature is beginning to drop outside, we’ve even seen snow already, and we are bundling our children up in thick winter coats and snowsuits to keep them snug and warm against the cold weather.  
03 Dec 2020
Demisting your windscreen is a necessity before setting off, not doing so can impede your vision while driving which means you will be driving illegally.
01 Dec 2020
South Yorkshire Safer Roads Partnership (SYSRP) is encouraging young people to ‘Ridefree’ during the current restrictions and improve their skills from the comfort of their own home.
30 Nov 2020
With weeks to go until Christmas Day, South Yorkshire Safer Roads Partnership (SYSRP) is urging people to stay safe and sober on our roads this December.
27 Nov 2020
Here are some of the sites our partners may be attending this week.
26 Nov 2020
As part of our commitment to tackling issues that matter to our communities the most, we want to hear your thoughts about drink driving in our community.
For this year’s 2020 advent calendar, we’ve decided it’s about time for some silliness here at Safer Roads.
We've got the full list of restrictions for South Yorkshire from December 2.
You can view the full list here.
16 Nov 2020
Partnership manager Joanne Wehrle's take on what matters most on our roads.
Why not get your children interesed in road safety with our 'no need to speed' activity sheets?
15 Nov 2020
Here are some of the sites our partners may be attending this week.
13 Nov 2020
Due to Covid-19 restrictions, this year's annual Road Safety GB conference has been replaced by an online festival.
12 Nov 2020
Today is Children in Need and Pudsey Bear is on a mission to keep young people safe.
Did you know that 1mph can mean the difference between life and death on our roads?
09 Nov 2020
Find out the latest information about the impact of lockdown part 2 on driving and theory tests.
Here are some of the sites our partners MAY be attending this week.
As part of National Road Safety Week, we are looking at why speed matters.
This year's National Road Safety Week is all about the dangers of speeding.
06 Nov 2020
The mornings are getting darker so we all need to stay as safe as possible on the school run.
Have you had the pleasure of meeting Captain DynaMo?
02 Nov 2020
Prime Minister Boris Johnson has announced a second national lockdown starting on Thursday 5 November.
01 Oct 2020
Find out what the Safer Roads central team has been up to during the final quarter of 2020.
22 Sep 2020

As Sheffield prepares to welcome thousands of young people to the city, 2020’s intake of Freshers will be starting student life in a year like no other.

08 Sep 2020
South Yorkshire Safer Roads Partnership (SYSRP) has teamed up with the National Young Rider Forum (NYRF) to support its latest ‘Bare Bones’ campaign. 
04 Sep 2020
Did you work out where Captain DynaMo was this week? Tuesday: Doncaster Sheffield Airport
Captain DynaMo is on tour across South Yorkshire. Can you work out where he is today? 
03 Sep 2020
Captain DynaMo is on tour across South Yorkshire. Can you work out where he is today? To find out more visit
02 Sep 2020
Captain DynaMo is on tour across South Yorkshire. Can you work out where he is today? To find out more visit
01 Sep 2020
Here you will find a round-up of our activities during July, August and September 2020.
Captain DynaMo is on tour across South Yorkshire. Can you work out where he is today? To find out more visit
31 Aug 2020
He’s lean, not mean, he’s dressed in green…introducing Captain DynaMo. Captain DynaMo is South Yorkshire Safer Roads Partnership’s very own superhero. His superpower is lighting up road safety messages through the magic of pedalling.
Here you will find our 2021 Back to School assembly.
19 Aug 2020
LEtsGO back to school safely! Schools are opening, but we are still in our ‘new normal’ so things could have changed. 
17 Aug 2020
You can find the detailed dashboard for South Yorkshire here.
The number of people injured in a collision on South Yorkshire’s roads in 2019 dropped for the fifth year in a row – the latest Department for Transport figures show. Last year, 95 fewer people were injured in road collisions in Barnsley, Doncaster, Rotherham and Sheffield, representing a three per cent drop.
You can find the detailed dashboard for Barnsley here.
You can find the detailed dashboard for Doncaster here.
You can find the detailed dashboard for all Rotherham collisions here.
You can find the detailed dashboard for Sheffield here.
14 Aug 2020
So you've been out and bought a pencil case and new bag...but have you thought about how you will get to school?
12 Aug 2020
In KS3 we are building on a pupil’s road safety knowledge and their new independent journeys.  
As children gradually become more independent, we continue to develop their road safety skills and awareness.
As children progress through school, we need to develop their road safety skills and awareness.  We develop their familiarity with the Stop, Look, Listen and Think sequence.
Staying safe on the roads is incredibly important, and it's never too early to start to lay the foundations for road safety with key road safety messages for our young children.
11 Aug 2020
With the forthcoming Bank Holiday, South Yorkshire Safer Roads Partnership (SYSRP) is asking young riders to check their skills and ensure their scooter or motorbike is fit for the road.
04 Aug 2020
This week, to celebrate Cycle to Work Day 2020 on Thursday (6 August), South Yorkshire Safer Roads Partnership (SYSRP) is launching a new pedal-tastic project.
03 Aug 2020
Here are some of the sites South Yorkshire Safety Cameras may be attending this week.
24 Jul 2020
Here is a list of possible locations for the mobile safety cameras this week
21 Jul 2020
With many people having enjoyed more walking and cycling during lockdown, and families being asked to consider whether they can walk or cycle as pupils begin returning to school, now is a great time to bring road safety to life for children.
20 Jul 2020
If you are travelling on a long journey with children, why not print out our road signs backseat bingo sheets to keep them occupied.
19 Jul 2020
If you are jumping in the car for the big getaway, the Safer Roads Partnership has some top tips to help keep you safer on the roads this summer.
After weeks in lockdown, we are all keen to have a change of scenery and a holiday and with the further easing of travel restrictions the rush to escape has begun. 
Here are some of the sites that South Yorkshire Safety Cameras may be attending this week.
17 Jul 2020
To help motorcyclists be the best rider they can, Safer Roads has teamed up with with two local charities - Sheffield Advanced Motorcyclists (SAM) and Rotherham Advanced Motorcyclists (RAM) –to promote their training offers.
16 Jul 2020
Our road safety officer Allison Cooper took centre stage today to film one of South Yorkshire Safer Roads' new digital projects.
13 Jul 2020
Here are some of the sites that South Yorkshire Safety Cameras may be attending this week:
14 Jun 2020
Here you will find our summer safety presentation.
02 Mar 2020
Your on-line guide to the road safety scenario that forms part of Crucial Crew at the Lifewise Centre in Hellaby, Rotherham. 

13 Oct 2019
Advice and information about staying safe during the winter months from the Safer Roads Partnership.
01 Apr 2019
Resources for Key Stage 3 teachers.
Resources for Key Stage 2 teachers.
Resources for Key Stage 1 teachers.
Resources for Foundation Stage teachers.
16 Mar 2017
Have you seen our TikTok video?