South Yorkshire Safer Roads Partnership
06 Nov 2020
Whether you drive, walk or ride to school, there are so many ways to help you to stay safe as we move further into the winter months.

Meet our LEGO friends who are here to give you tips and advice on standing out at the roadside and looking out for each other at such a busy time of day.

We all have a part to play in road safety and here are our top tips for the school run for parents, carers and children alike:
  • Walk or cycle/scoot to school if you can, but be aware of other people around you and don’t forget your helmet 
  • Has your school registered for a Walking Bubble 
  • If you do take the car to school, make sure all children are fastened in their car seats 
  • Please park away from the school if you can and don’t park or drop off on the yellow zigzags outside school – this area should be kept clear for the safety of all the school children 
  • Use the pedestrian crossings such as zebra, puffin, or toucan crossings where you can – especially on the busier roads
  • If your school has a lollipop person, use them to help you cross the road safely outside school
  • No-one has to run across the road – they will give you plenty of time to get across safely
  • Try not to cross the road between two parked cars 
  • Choose a place that is clear and where you can see clearly up and down the road, and where you can be seen by other road users
  • Where it is busy hold the hands of little ones and it’s always safer to have children on the inside of the pavement away from the traffic
Take a look at our LEGO friends in action:

Don’t add to the chaos, park safely and considerately away from the school gates:

Dark uniforms + dark commute = stay alert     Look out for young pedestrians on their way to school:

Zig Zags outside school are NOT a parking zone – this is dangerous behaviour -  keep ALL our school children safe:

Take care if reversing out of a parking spot – small children may be behind you.  Darker nights and poor weather conditions may also make it difficult to see pedestrians – take extra care at this time of year:

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