South Yorkshire Safer Roads Partnership
25 May 2021
Nearly two thirds of people support the introduction of car-free zones outside schools – a survey published by Living Streets has found.

Living Streets is a national charity that promotes everyday walking, including urging families to leave the car at home for the journey to school.  

A recent survey by the charity found that nearly two thirds of those who took part (64%) support car-free zones outside schools. There was further backing for safer crossings (61%), a ban on pavement parking (57%) and lower speed limits (46%).

Mary Creagh, chief executive of Living Streets, said: “We’ve seen the huge improvements on offer to health and air quality when we drive less and walk more. We need to ensure families feel safe and confident to walk to school so we can keep enjoying these benefits.

“We work nationwide in over 2,000 schools and parents tell us they are put off walking because of speeding vehicles, unsafe crossings and cars parked on pavements. By making school streets car free, we remove those barriers – and our new research shows that most people back these changes.  

“That’s why, at the recent elections we called for a School Street in every ward to help more families enjoy the fresh air, freedom, friendship and fun that walking to school brings.”

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