South Yorkshire Safer Roads Partnership
11 Aug 2020
YOUNG RIDERS: Check it, don't chance it this Summer

With the forthcoming Bank Holiday, South Yorkshire Safer Roads Partnership (SYSRP) is asking young riders to check their skills and ensure their scooter or motorbike is fit for the road.

The team has joined forces with radio/TV presenter and social media influencer Joe Cooper to promote the campaign with a new online video - ‘Ride For Life’ - which is available on the SYSRP YouTube channel here.

The video is shot on local roads and features a ‘how-to’ guide for riders using an easy to remember acronym – POWDERY – to prompt them to check their Power, Oil, Water, Damage, Electrics, Rubber and You. 

Joanne Wehrle, manager of SYSRP, said: “All of these can make a massive difference to the safety of your motorbike or scooter while on the road, yet only take five minutes to check.

“One of the most important elements is ‘You’. If you are tired, had a few drinks the night before, or just had an argument, your attitude can also affect how you ride and your own personal safety.”

More and more people are choosing to travel by scooter or motorbike during the Covid-19 restrictions as it can be an ideal mode of transport for commuting or to get out and about while social distancing.

The partnership is asking riders to be positive and ensure their vehicle is fit for the road, which is where POWDERY can be an easy to remember reminder before every ride.

The team is also encouraging young riders to consider additional training such as CBT Plus or refresher training with a local provider.

“Passing your CBT or other level of riding, such as your A1 restricted motorbike licence, should be seen as only the beginning, especially if you’ve had a long break from being on the road,” added Joanne.

“There is no such thing as too much training.”

During the ‘Ride for Life’ filming, SYSRP enlisted the help of John Tudor from Rotherham-based Geared Up Motorcycle Training, for his expert knowledge on teaching riders the POWDERY checks.

John said: “It was great to meet Joe and work with a proper film crew, but I think I’ll stick to rider training.

“I work with riders of all ages and abilities, and there is nothing better than seeing one of your former students out and about on two wheels and enjoying the freedom that scooters and bikes can provide, even on a budget.

“They get a hard-life with our changeable weather, so basic maintenance checks are essential, that is why we promote POWDERY as an easy to remember acronym to riders of all ages.”

SYSRP runs campaigns throughout the year to promote safety for scooter and motorbike riders via digital platforms and face-to-face engagement (where possible).

The team is also asking drivers to treat learner riders with respect and give them extra time on the road.

Joanne added: “We were all beginners at one point, be it on a bicycle, in a car or on a scooter or motorbike. Simply easing back and giving learner riders extra time and space is a massive help.

“Someone’s whole world is on that bike, so let’s share the roads safely and responsibly for all.”

For more information about our work check out our young rider pages.