South Yorkshire Safer Roads Partnership
12 Aug 2020

As children progress through school, we need to develop their road safety skills and awareness.  We develop their familiarity with the Stop, Look, Listen and Think sequence.

We reinforce the message that pedestrians walk on the pavement and vehicles travel on the road. To know how to walk safely with a grown up and hold hands when walking near the road and what potential hazards they may encounter.

For KS1, we can offer a 30-minute interactive presentation to individual classes or KS1 assembly.

Topics included are:

  • What goes on the road – different vehicles, different sounds
  • Where do we walk
  • How can we keep safe – holding hands
  • How to cross the road safely using the Green Cross Code
  • The role of a school crossing patrol (lollipop person)
  • How to use a puffin crossing
  • Hazards to look out for – driveways, parked cars

The classroom session uses a variety of resources to show the different types of vehicles we may see and/or hear on the roads, then how to cross the road safely and how to stay safe with our adult. It finishes with the children using our fully working child sized puffin crossing and traffic light system in a safe and correct way.

The assembly is based on a PowerPoint presentation.

Scootability can also be delivered for KS1 pupils at a basic skills level 1.  The session is delivered to small groups  (up to 12 pupils) and covers basic control, stopping, balance and coordination skills. 


For more information or to book a session please contact:
Road Safety Officer – or