South Yorkshire Safer Roads Partnership
12 Jun 2023

A South Yorkshire character is preparing to appear at a national webinar aimed at keeping young riders safe on our roads.

Campaign figure BOLT – (short for brakes, oil, lights and tyres) – will line up alongside expert speakers from organisations from across the country to help advise 16-24-year-old motorcycle riders about road safety.

The webinar is part of the first ever National Young Rider Day on Tuesday 27 June and will give young people and their families the chance to ask questions about staying safe on two wheels.

A spokeswoman for South Yorkshire Safer Roads Partnership (SYSRP) said: “Young riders are one of our priority road user groups, so we were quick to sign up to take part in the webinar.

“We’ll introduce young people to our BOLT campaign which shows how quick and easy, regular checks to your bike could make a massive difference to rider safety.

“It literally takes minutes to complete these checks which ultimately could save your life.”

The webinar, from 6.30pm to 8pm on MS Teams, will also feature Jody Whitfield from the DVSA, who will tell riders all about gaining their driving licences and taking their CBT test.

Other topics will include motorcycle PPE, common crashes young riders are involved in (and how to avoid them) and ways of improving your skills.

Heidi Duffy MBE, facilitator of the NYRF, said: “The challenges young riders face – both on and off the road – are well documented.

“Things such as insurance and choosing the right bike can be tricky, as can choosing the right PPE, especially on a budget.

“We hope this webinar can support our army of young riders and set them up for a lifetime of happiness on two wheels, if that’s what they desire.

“Register now and come join the fun!”

You can register for the FREE webinar at the following link:

The webinar is being hosted by Warwickshire Safer Roads Partnership on behalf of the NYRF and its members.

For more information, contact Heidi via email at: