South Yorkshire Safer Roads Partnership
Getting Started

Congratulations on becoming the Junior Road Safety Officers for your school. You now have a very important job to do. With the help of the road safety team and your representative in school you will be working towards keeping people safer when out and about.

To help with this task, three main activities could be:

JRSO main tasks

Throughout the year you may get visits from the road safety staff alongside information, resources and newsletters.

Your JRSO Handbook & folder

JRSO handbookThroughout your time as a JRSO, use the handbook to make notes of ideas, examples and activities you have done as evidence of your hard work each month. You don't have to cover all the topics, just remember to keep your work together along with your evidence.

At the end of the school year we will ask to have a look at your folders and collect them in to enter you into the countywide JRSO competition. You may even win a prize!

Click here to download the handbook.



Keeping a Notice Board

Having a notice board is a good way to introduce yourself to the school. You can use your notice board for posters, competitions, advice and photos. Just remember to keep your notice board up to date and tidy.

Birdwell Primary noticeboard


Taking part in an assembly is a great way get your messages across to the whole school.

When planning an assembly make sure that you give yourself enough time to prepare so you know exactly what you are going to be doing. If you need any help with any special equipment your road safety officer may be able to help you with that - just ask.

Birkwood Primary Assembly
Birkwood Primary, Barnsley
Cherry Dale assembly
Cherry Dale Primary, Barnsley
Sandhill assembly
Sandhill Primary, Barnsley

Running a Competition?

Organising a competition is a lot of fun and it gets everyone talking and thinking about road safety. However, before you run a competition in school there are a few things to think about.

1. What is the theme?

2. What age group is it aimed at?

3. When is the closing date?

4. What will your prizes be?