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Planning ahead and catch up

NoticeboardJanuary is a good time to catch up and plan ahead after having a busy Christmas. It is always nice to have some time to plan and catch up on your work. Although this information you can use throughout the year.

  • Has your board been updated recently? Remove anything that isn't relevant to the current months topic or just replace a few bits to refresh it. Ask your JRSO Support Officer for some new posters or ideas if you are stuck.
  • Assemblies - planning and deciding if you would like to deliver an assembly.
  • Topics - have another look at the topics, is there one you would like to do next?
  • Competitions - are there anymore competitions you would like to run?

Don't worry if you didn't manage to finish off any work you started or work you never managed to arrange. There is still plenty of time.

Planning Ahead

Now that you have looked at what you did not have chance to do, lets look at what topics are coming up over the next few months. Using your handbook, make some notes of some activities you may want to do for that topic.

Don't forget to keep any notes in your JRSO folder and we can see what your ideas are - even if you don't get to action them later in the year.

Topics chart

Planning now may help you later as some of you will get busy later on in the year, especially if you are in year 6.

Remember, you can choose which topics you want to focus on, the handbook and newsletters are there for guidance.