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In Car Safety

Seatbelts and child seat/ restraints are designed to reduce the risk of injury in a collision and could potentially save your life.

Did you know?

  • It is the law to wear a seatbelt when travelling in a car.
  • If you are under 135cm in height or 12 years old, legally you need to be sitting in an appropriate child seat/restraint.


boy in seat beltThis is a topic important to both children and parents, helping them to understand why it is necessary to use them properly.

Most vehicles are fitted with seatbelts - there are some exceptions for example some classic cars. But the law states that if there is a seatbelt fitted it MUST be worn.

Until a child is 14 years old it is the responsibility of the driver to ensure that a child is using their seatbelt (or child seat if applicable). However, once a child turns 14 they are classed as an adult and are responsible for using the seatbelt themselves. If someone is found to not be wearing a seatbelt they can be fined up to £500!

Wearing a seatbelt saves over 2,000 lives a year!

Child Seats

Baby in seat no dummy
There are different types of seats for children depending on their height and weight. Using the correct seat and ensuring it is properly fitted is really important.


Some main points to note

Seats where possible should be fitted in the rear of a car - avoiding the use of the front passenger seat where possible.

If there is an air bag fitted in the front passenger seat of the car, the airbag must be deactivated if a rear-facing car seat is to be used. This is because it can cause injuries to the child should the air bag go off.

If using a seatbelt, make sure it fits properly over the shoulder and away from the neck.

Try to leave the seatbelt on when sitting in the car even when it is not moving, only remove it when you are about to get out.


Activities to do

This topic opens up many different activities that you might like to do in school - for example a survey, update your board, measure each others' heights and /or create a leaflet to take home.

Activity sheets
Seatbelts activity
Seatbelts (PDF)
Always wear a seatbelt if there is one fitted. 
Car seats sheet
Car Seats (PDF)
Children under the height of 135cm or under 12 years old need to use an appropriate car seat when travelling.
Car parts
Car Parts (PDF)
How good are you at naming the parts on a car?
Car safety sheet
Car Safety (PDF)
Colour the car in and learn about in car safety.
Dot to dot car
Dot 2 Dot (PDF)
Can you join the numbers up and see what vehicle you get?
Bus safety
Bus Safety (PDF)
Colour in the bus and learn about bus safety.
Tram safety
Tram Safety (PDF)
Colour in the tram and get advice on how to stay safe.
Motorbikes activity sheet
Motorbikes (PDF)
Motorcyclists should always wear protective clothing and an appropiate helmet.