South Yorkshire Safer Roads Partnership
School Gate Parking

Practically every school has the same problem - people parking their vehicles near the school gates. It is very common and despite signs and road markings, like the yellow zigzags, many schools find cars still stop in inappropriate places especially before and after school. This can make it difficult and dangerous for people, especially children, to enter the school safely.

What are the rules?

  • Drivers should NOT park on the school entrance markings/zigzags
  • Drive should NOT even stop on the school entrance markings even to pick or drop someone off
  • School entrance markings should be kept clear of ALL stationary vehicles

    Many schools actively try and encourage people (many of which are parents) to park elsewhere in safer places by displaying banners on the school railings. Banners are a good way of reminding parents of the dangers of parking near school especially if they have been designed by their children.




Parking banner

What can you do to help with school gate parking?

There are lots of possibilities when it comes to possible activities for school gate parking - it would depend on what the specific issues at your school were.

  • Design banner
  • Write an article
  • Create a leaflet