South Yorkshire Safer Roads Partnership
Our aspirations for this strategy

Our desire is to ensure that our staff across all partner agencies are properly resourced to deliver high quality, effective training interventions and awareness raising activities that contribute towards making South Yorkshire’s road safer.

It is essential that our communications activity, like all work that SYSRP is involved with, is well coordinated, resourced and effective. We also have an obligation to report on our progress within established structures, and for how we use staff time and budgets to achieve our aims and objectives. However, we also recognise that the world around us is changing, and that traditional solutions to the issues that we face may not always be the most effective.

With that in mind, we need a communications strategy that allows us to build on the strengths of our work and addresses the areas where we require improvement. This document therefore provides an overall framework for us to work to, while providing flexibility to allow us to adapt to new situations as they arise.

The communications strategy is supplemented by a number of appendices – our communications framework – which will be reviewed on a regular basis. This will enable us to stay responsive to new data, emerging technologies and changes in culture as and when they occur.

Throughout the lifetime of this strategy, there will be a series of annual development plans which will set out how our aims and objectives will be achieved, with ambitious targets and a robust evaluation schedule. The contents of these plans will be informed by SYSRP’s overall strategy, the communications strategy and the communications framework which supports them.

All these plans and strategies are underpinned by clear aims and objectives.

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