South Yorkshire Safer Roads Partnership
Our current context

Road traffic collisions cause real pain and suffering for those involved, their families, friends and local communities. There is also a significant impact on the local economy, health sector and emergency services. While there has been a decrease in the overall number of collisions over recent years, the number of people killed or seriously injured has gone up. We must continue to adopt new and innovative ways to engage with our priority audiences to ensure that our key messages are communicated in a relevant, interesting and timely way.

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SYSRP has a great deal of experience of producing road safety information and resources for a wide variety of channels. There is a lot of knowledge and expertise throughout the Partnership, which has provided a good foundation for our activity in schools, workplaces and events. The coming years may provide new opportunities and challenges, particularly around how we evaluate our effectiveness, measure our performance and learn from our experience. As we encounter these opportunities we will need to work harder and smarter, making the most of our strengths and building our capacity to deliver on our aims and objectives.

The sphere in which we operate is changing too. There is an ongoing cultural shift in how people use existing and emerging technologies, and in an environment of competing messages and ideas, this presents a significant challenge. This requires us to be diligent as to how we position ourselves in the marketplace, and how we choose to prioritise and engage with our key audiences.

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