South Yorkshire Safer Roads Partnership
Our communications framework

To meet our aims and objectives, particularly around the consistency of our key messages and our style of presentation, our communications activity will work to a common communications framework. This includes a number of policies and protocols, which exist as standalone documents appended to this strategy, but together form the basis which underpins all our communications work.

The communications framework is designed to be flexible and responsive, and can grow and change to accommodate our future needs. It is made up of the following documents, which will be reviewed on a regular basis.

(Key: Practitioners is the Safer Roads Practitioners' Group, Tactical is the Safer Roads Tactical Group)



Summary remit

Review schedule

Key road safety messages

A list of agreed road safety messages, listed by mode, including relevant age groups

Practitioners: Annual, in advance of academic year

ETP delivery action plans

Delivery plans for each priority age group determining what we do, how we do it and why

Tactical: Annual

Community engagement protocol

A list of criteria we use to determine what public events and other community activities we will commit to

Practitioners: Annual, in advance of calendar year

Social media policy

An overview of how we use social media, what we post and how we handle public feedback

Tactical: Biennial, in advance of financial year (A)

Branding guidelines

A document which governs the use of the ‘Making South Yorkshire Roads Safer’ logo

Tactical: Biennial, in advance of financial year (B)

Style guide

A list of commonly used terms and language, and how we prefer to use them

Tactical: Biennial, in advance of financial year (A)

Document templates

A collection of Microsoft Office templates which are predesigned to match the corporate style

Practitioners: Biennial, in advance of academic year (B)

Equalities impact assessment

An outline of how we make our content available to all regardless of age, disability, race, religion, belief, gender, sex or sexual preference

Tactical: Annual, in advance of financial year

Data protection protocol

A protocol that specifies how the Partnership handles personal information in accordance with the Data Protection Act 2018

Tactical: Annual, in advance of financial year

Additional documents

Where further documents, plans and protocols are added to the communications framework they will be added to the website at and will include details of how and when they shall be reviewed.


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